TRT:59 Minutes

Several months back we shot a custom video for one of Christina's big fans called, "The Salesman." Several of you have seen scenes from that video and urged me to release it for everyone's enjoyment. We decided to shoot some additional material to supplement the title story. A few weeks ago, we added some provocative and sexy outdoor scenes: Abducted, Out To Get The Newspaper, Look What I Found! and No Strings Attached - they are shown in the preview images available below.

Many times I am asked to write a more detailed description of the story used in creation of our videos. In a departure from what I usually do, I have decided to share the original story idea with you, so you can compare it to the video when you see it. Here is the complete draft as submitted by our friend, Billy, for his movie:


1. Christina is home wearing a thin short nightgown, laying on the couch and reading. She gets sleepy while reading, and a camera close-up of her face appears as she slowly drifts off. The magazine falls from her hands and her head softly and slowly falls to the side.

2. She is interrupted from her sleep by the doorbell. She gets up and opens the door, and a salesman is at the door selling perfume. She finally gives in and lets him in. He takes a sample out of his bag and while she is standing, asks her to smell the spray. As the perfume is sprayed in her face, it turns out to be a knock-out spray. Her eyes roll up, and she finally falls to the floor unconscious. After she falls on her back, camera moves in for a close-up of her face. Her head slowly falls to the side as she passes out.

3. Salesman puts down his bag, and kneels down beside her. At this point, time should be taken to emphasize her limpness. with emphasis of her face, open mouth, hair, and ears. Time should be spent slowly moving her limp head from side to side, fingers outlining her parted lips, and hand stroke through her hair and behind her ears. Before he picks her up in a cradle carry, he slowly raises her up on his lap. Emphasis should be on her limp body, heading falling up and down and from side to side. Again, close-ups of her face, open mouth, and ears.

4. Salesman then picks her up in a cradle carry. Head dangling over one arm, arms fallen to the sides, legs dangling over the other arm. Mouth fully open as he walks around with her. He finally sits her on the couch.

5. While on the couch, there should be time for again emphasizing her limpness with close-ups of her open mouth, ears, and neck. While she is being manipulated, she begins to wake up. Seeing her situation, she is startled, gets up to run, but only to run into the wall, which knocks her out again.

6. As she is on the floor, more time and emphasis of her limp neck and head with close-ups of open mouth and ears. Again, possibly lifting her up and down to emphasize her limpness. Finally, salesman picks her up in a cradle carry and takes her to lay her down on the bed.

7. After she is laid down, time should be spent in stroking though her hair, behind her ears, with close-ups of open mouth. While the gentle manipulation is going on, she slowly begins to awaken. She softly moans and cannot fully open her eyes. Since she is semi-conscious, the man slowly places a chloroformed hankie over her mouth and nose. She is way too weak to resist, as her hand softly tries to remove the rag, but then falls down. The removal of the cloth from her mouth should be slow and deliberate with close-ups of her face. When the cloth is finally removed, her mouth is fully open, and she is deeply unconscious.

8. Man finally takes out a soft rope of some kind and ties her hands over her head (perhaps he can carry her to someplace in the house and stand her up with her hands tied above her). She is still deeply unconscious, and her head tends to fall back and then fall forward at times. Finally, man raises her head up (maybe finger under her chin), and camera close-up of unconscious face with mouth open.

9. Man takes out a dangling watch or something to hypnotize her with. Her eyes slowly open as he gives her instructions under hypnosis. He says that he is her master and asks if she understands. She softly robotically replies "Yes, Master, I understand." He instructs her that he will call everyday on the phone. When she answers it and hears his voice, she will immediately fall into unconsciousness, waiting for him to carry her.

10. After all the instructions are given and understood, she drifts back into unconsciousness, and her head falls to her chest. The man cuts the ropes from her wrists, and she limply falls to the floor unconscious. Man leaves, and camera zooms in on her face.

11. New scene opens with Christina again on the couch reading. Phone rings, and she answers. It is "Him," and she slowly passes out on the couch with one arm dangling off and one leg fallen off. Camera slowly zooms in on her unconscious face. Before camera fades, her limp head then falls to the side as she moans.


I know that Billy would not mind me sharing his comments about the movie:

I got my videos today, and Christina was great in the Salesman! Thanks so much for the excellent editing, camera, and sound job that you did. I couldn't have been more pleased, and Christina, of course, was outstanding and sexy! I will write her and let her know. Thanks again, buddy, and hope we can do business again in the future! Your friend, Billy

Here are some images from The Salesman and the bonus stories for your viewing pleasure...

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